Serene Air holds a strong position in the aviation market of Pakistan through its reliable features. It is the only Capital’s based airline that operates on different domestic routes. The key pillars of this private carrier’s success are its operational efficiency that couples with business proficiency. A low-cost carrier model provides equal perks of traveling to both leisure and business class travelers. Moreover, Serene Air also has a command on sustaining in a strong competitive environment through its dynamic strategies.

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Serene Air Fleet

Current Fleet of Serene Air

In the beginning, the company had started its domestic operations with the Boeing 737-800. Currently, the airline possesses four of these NextGen aircraft with a single-class layout. These twin-engine aircraft are equipped with comparatively greater wingspan with efficient fuel capacity. However, during the previous year, the airline inducted a wide-bodied A330-200 in its fleet with a vision to go international. As contrary to the former fleet, this wide-bodied aircraft stands as a separate entity in terms of its overall features. It has a configuration of dual-class layout with 275 economies while 24 business class seats. Since the airline intends to grow its network, hence it is on the way to two more A330-200 in its fleet.

Perks of Inducting All-Airbus Fleet

Although, Serene Air has earned quite a pretty reliance by introducing and utilizing B737-800. Yet, it could even run at a faster pace by converting to the entire Airbus fleet. It is well-known that aircraft manufactured by Airbus are comparatively cheap than that of Boeing. Moreover, they are easier to get familiarized as Airbus’s fleet is easy to operate and maintain. Serene Air could earn better miles by operating through A320/A321 neo. These narrow-bodied aircraft could perform up to the required standard on short and medium-haul flights. They don’t only have expanded seating capacity, but also their wide cabin increases exit limits. Furthermore, the possession of a wide-bodied A330-200, which is the most suitable choice for short to long-haul flights, could even pose a good impact.

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Serene Air A330

By inducting all of these same family aircraft, Serene Air can easily cut down its cost on maintenance and crew training. Along with other identical features, cockpit commonality will also assist the airline in achieving its benchmark. That’s the reason, for an airline like Serene Air, it seems profitable to rely on a simple and similar yet equally equipped and updated fleet like that of Airbus.

Written by guest writer, Faisal Bashir