About Us

Aviation Geeks was initially ‘Avination’ created by a group of students in an aviation institute in Lahore, Pakistan. The idea was to make an e-magazine totally dedicated to aviation content. With time, Avination was dissolved, and it was mutually decided to name the same platform as ‘Aviation Geeks Pakistan,’ which subsequently became Aviation Geeks. The platform emphasizes aviation education and quality aviation content covering all the aspects of the industry. The current team consists of Aviation Management graduates, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, and Cadet Pilots. The aim is to connect aviation enthusiasts and professionals on a single platform, allowing them to share ideas and stay connected with the insights of the exciting aviation industry.

Aviation Geeks comprises multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Channel, along with a dedicated website to connect to the world. Aviation Geeks also emphasizes aviation education, for which it consistently connects the leading aviation institutes and aspiring candidates throughout the world. We at Aviation Geeks wish to provide a platform for every individual who wants to link with the dynamic world of Aviation.