Advertising Policy

Aviation Geeks is a digital platform accessible for all internet users with unrestricted access to all countries. We have a team of 15 people made up of full-time and part-time employees. To run our daily basis operations, we bear a monthly or weekly based cost which is support through digital ads served on our digital platforms. Some of the direct costs are as follows.

  • Full time and part-time writers, graphic designers, IT and SEO experts
  • Domain and hosting costs.
  • Monthly subscription to cloud softwares that supports our content.

We have different sources of incomes, as explained below,

Website Ads

There will be several ads that will be shown on our website and in different locations. A 3rd party provider controls these ads. However, ads that are shown on our website are personalized to your preferences only using cookies.

If you notice any inappropriate advertisement, please reach out to us by Clicking here. You can also read our privacy policy here.

Youtube Ads

We create weekly Youtube Videos. These videos are eligible for Youtube Monetization. This enables us to monetize our videos through Youtube ads. To know more about Youtube ads, Click here.

We also accept sponsorships for our videos. All sponsorships are always declared.

We accept sponsorships for articles as well, Occasionally we work with sponsors to publish a sponsored content on our website. If the content is sponsored, it will be clearly labeled with the tag ‘Sponsored Content.’ If you’re an advertiser reading this, you can request our media kit by contacting us through our email

This is version number 1 of our Advertising Policy, published on May 17th, 2021