The IndiGo airline received 2 fake bomb threats in the month of Aug 22. A bomb threat is a possibility for which air traffic controllers, airport operators, and managers need to be prepared. Chronically it is verified that Bomb threats are usually false, they are given to create a nuisance, disruption, implication in flight operations, and disturbance among passengers, staff, and management. But the concerned officials need to get well prepared for uncertain security threats and efficiently cope with the situation without having a loss of human life, valuable assets, and possessions.

The possible bombs threats that have been encountered historically:

  • AIRCRAFT – During the flight or on the ground
  • AIRPORT- In the vicinity of the airport including the building, ATC tower, and operators.
  • AIR CARGO OPERATORS- At the cargo warehouse or about the shipment that needs to deliver

IndiGo flight 6E 65

Recently on 27 Aug, a bomb threat delayed flight 6E 65 of IndiGO for 6 hours that was going to Dubai. Later after the investigation, they found no sign of a bomb and declare it a hoax. The police trace the call and arrested the man, who was preventing his family members from leaving India.

The flight was scheduled from Chennai international airport to Dubai international airport on Airbus A320-200neo. On receiving the threat call the aircraft was immediately moved to the remote bay where it was thoroughly checked inside out by the bomb detection and disposal squad. There was no sign of a bomb on the aircraft and after the clearance, after 6 hours the aircraft departed from Chennai to Dubai airport and safely return to Chandigarh international airport.

IndiGo flight 6E 556

On 7 Aug, the IndiGO flight from Jaipur to Bengaluru had 175 passengers just before landing found a handwritten message in a toilet calming a bomb threat. The threat was written on tissue paper and was found by one of the crew members. The flight captain after taking all the precautionary measures landed the aircraft. After a full investigation, the threat has been declared a hoax.

The flight was scheduled from Jaipur to Bengaluru in Airbus A320. At the final phase of the flight shortly after the landing, the warning of a threat written on tissue paper was found in the rare toilet. The captain after landing take the aircraft to a secure area as per the precaution and the bomb disposal and detection squad, sniff dog squad along with other security protocols declared the clearance of the aircraft.

The corrective action by the airport management:

  • The recipient should try to make the call prolonged to trace it, if not done automatically
  • He/she tries to obtain as much information as they can get in terms of recognizing their code wording, location, and demand
  • Lastly, the recipient should alert the concerned authorities to perform the assessment of the warning and provide a follow-up action.
  • The bomb warning needs to be quickly delivered to the supervisor by the recipient. The supervisor must have a thorough discussion with the recipient to fill out the bomb warming form.
  • If the bomb threat is given in the vicinity of the airport, then respective airport authorities should assess with the bomb warning assessors.

A bomb warning is a criminal act, it needs to be reported to the police as soon as possible to determine what further action should be taken. After reporting the situation to police officials, the airport management including the aircraft operator, cargo agent, recipient, and supervisor should develop contingency plans to be incorporated when bomb warnings are received. Bomb warning details should be properly documented in order to investigate the matter further

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