In cooperation with Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Airlines announced that it would be implementing Digital Medical Test Verification for UAE travelers. This would help keep medical records such as PCR Testing and Vaccination records of the passengers that are based in the UAE.

Emirates Check-In Counter
Image Credits: Emirates Airline

UAE-based travelers, while traveling out of Dubai, will now have a seamless and trouble-free travel experience. This will allow the passengers to experience paperless verification of their documentation. It would also help the airline reduce the waiting times for document verification at check-in time.

The airline would also match up the destination country requirement in response to COVID-19. It will only process the information that is relevant with regard to the entrance requirement. Once the check-in procedure has been completed, any medical-related information shall be discarded immediately from the airline database.

Since most of the population in UAE has been vaccinated against COVID-19, this implementation is a good sign for those planning to travel. The integration of the fully digital system for medical verification of passengers makes Dubai one of the first cities with such a system.

MoU between Emirates & Dubai Health Authority

Emirates Airlines and Dubai Health Authority signed an MoU two months ago. This means that it took less than two months period to integrate this system fully. This also enables Dubai to become one of the earliest cities in the world to implement a fully digitalized system for keeping the medical-related records of travelers.

This system would help the airlines to get the verified test results along with the vaccination records of passengers. This system not only helps in health affairs but also benefits the travel industry.

Emirates has been trying its best to restore its International route network by implementing the best business practices. The next couple of months will also implement a secure health record along coupled with IATA’s travel pass.

The Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Airline, Mr. Adel Al Redha said “This initiative is in line with the government’s vision and we are delighted to take this step within the aviation sector to cooperate with DHA in linking our systems together”.

He further added that “The UAE government has been very supportive and is one of the leading countries in the use of technology and digital applications.

Source: Gulf News