Pakistan International Airlines; a dragging dream

There used to be a time when Pakistan International Airlines or PIA was looked upon as an inspiration for many aspiring starter airlines. But the picture changed over a period of time. PIA had the capacity to tap opportunities around its neighborhood. It actually helped in laying the foundation of many airlines. Emirates is a live example in front of us. So what happened?

Pakistan International Airlines

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The organization suffered badly over the years due to corruption and bad political influences. It is but natural that sycophancy destroys organizational cultures. Organizations fail, and they fail miserably. Human resource is the driving force of any organization. It defines the quality of output produced by an organization. With the passage of time, this quality has corroded due to the politicized working environment of PIA. There are many reasons for PIA’s failure as an organization. One of them is the compromises in the selection process. Secondly, failure of the organization to monitor deviations. Last but not the least, timely correction of deviations in the procedures. The Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan has also failed to maintain an effective oversight.

PIA Flight PK-8303

The crash of PK-8303 (Airbus A-320)  in May 2020 is a bad chapter in the recent history of the Pakistan Aviation Industry. Despite the fact that it was primarily a pilot error, the blame entirely lies on the organization. The organization either failed to identify the grey areas or did not consider it important from the safety perspective.

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Engine of PIA Flight PK-8303 lying in an alley

Accidents do not happen in a day. They are the results of the events overlooked or compromised over a period of time.  Organizations overlook the mistakes and errors of the employees. These overlooked mistakes become habits.  These habits become a part of their professional grooming. The same thing happened in the case of PK-8303.

PIA has failed to maintain good safety standards. The crashes of PK-661 and PK-8303 speak of an organizational failure. A dream for glory in the past is now dragging on its knees with constant fundings from the government. Repeated comprises of the organization has also affected the safety ratings of PIA among the international air operators.

Written by guest writer, Faisal Bashir