One of the three business units of Boeing is its dynamic division of Boeing Defense, Space, and Security, known as BDS. This unit of Boeing is one of the world’s hugest defense contractors, which is further segregated into six key departments. These diversified markets are classified as Commercial Derivative Aircraft, Military Rotorcraft, Human Space Exploration, Satellites, Autonomous Systems, and Services. Moreover, BDS possesses remarkable repute in fields like fixed-wing strikes, integrated missile systems, and wide-ranged weapons.

Boeing Defense, Space & Security P-8A 'Poseidon'
Boeing Defense, Space & Security P-8A ‘Poseidon’

Divisions of Boeing Defense & Space

The organizational outlook of the Defense, Space, and Security division of Boeing is composed of seven domains. These are given below with their set of activities which are attributed to them:-

  • Commercial Derivative Aircraft– this division plays its role by manufacturing products for military purposes and government customers. These products are made on verified commercial platforms that include Boeing’s superclass 7 series aircraft.
  • Missiles and Weapon Systems- This unit is specified to handle a company’s strategic portfolio by dealing with weaponry, missiles, and other defensive equipment.
  • Autonomous Systems- this division deals with the management of subsidiaries of Liquid Robotics and Boeing’s Insitu. In this way, it deals in developing and producing remotely controlled uncrewed aircraft and submersibles.
  • Phantom Works- this domain works in creating and developing modish products and tendencies by executing its expertise of innovation, quick experimentation, and advanced prototyping.
  • Vertical lift- Boeing possesses the world’s largest military rotorcraft provider that provides extensive services of tiltrotor, attack platforms, and cargo.
  • Strike, Surveillance and Mobility- this division fulfills the current and upcoming requirements of Boeing’s fixed-wing military and surveillance aircraft. Besides providing freighters and commercial derivative systems, this division aids the transport fleet of executives, which includes VC-25 (Air Force One)
  • Space and Launch- This segment has more than 60 years of proven expertise in exploring space. Furthermore, it manages the Satellite portfolio of Boeing and looks after the United Space Alliance and the United Launch Alliance of Boeing.
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One of the potential customers for this domain of Boeing is the US government. Boeing always served as the US government’s foremost choice, from training the military through advanced defensive equipment to launching the latest defensive measures. Therefore, the successful journey of Boeing in defending the borders across the skies is attributed to this vast division of defense, space, and security. The company deals with the UK, Middle East, Australia, and India customers through one of the operational units located in London. Boeing hopes to expand its operational range by delivering reliable services produced through this dynamic division.

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