Boeing Commercial Airplanes is the foremost division of Boeing that aims to act as the leading supplier of commercial aircraft. Boeing strives to achieve its aim via providing worthier designs, efficient models, and extreme value to its customers. All of these parameters collectively deliver a sufficiently amazing flying experience to the end-users of Boeing. That’s why there are currently more than 10,000 Boeing-made commercial jetliners, serving various airlines worldwide. These airplanes are not only fuel-efficient but also produce less airport noise to reduce emissions. Furthermore, they offer demanded passenger comfort by providing standardized performance.

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Products of Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Boeing holds a strong position in the market due to its beatless features of Engineering, Modifications and Maintenance, Supply Chain, Training and Professional Services, Digital Solutions and Analytics, and 24/7 Customer Support. The company enjoys such a vast portfolio in the field of commercial aviation through traits of reliability, efficiency, and affordability. The current products of this division of Boeing include passenger jetliners i.e. NextGen 737, 737 MAX, 747-8, 767, 777, 777X, and 787. These aircraft are designed differently depending upon the market demand and value. They are broadly classified into two major categories as wide-bodied and narrow-bodied aircraft. However, both of the classes are capable of supporting the smooth operations of aviation due to their flexible nature. That’s the reason in the wake of the pandemic airlines around the globe converted them into cargo aircraft to run their operations in a profitable manner.

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Additionally, it possesses Boeing Business Jets, Freight Carriers, and Boeing Support and Services. The business jets of Boeing serve the corporate jet market by providing variants of Boeing jet airliners. These business jets are designated as BBJ and are configured in a luxurious way to promote and ease the conduction of non-scheduled flights of business and corporate aviation. To support the trading sector, Boeing offers freighter jets that can carry various kinds of cargo material. These freighters mainly include 767F, 777F, and 747-400ERF. Whereas, this division of Boeing provides cost-competitive solutions to its customers through Boeing Support and Services. Via this platform, the company helps its customers to drive the equipment efficiently and optimize their operations.

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