Serene Air is Pakistan’s second-largest private airline that is operating since 2017. Since commencing flight operations now, the airline has earned quite a pretty revenue and repute. Serene Air typically operates on a low-cost carrier model with the help of its single-typed fleet of B737. However, the induction of a wide-bodied A330 has opened the gateways of new horizons for Pakistan’s private airline. This addition will not only introduce new medium-ranged flights. Rather it will also bring versatility to the overall functioning of Serene Air.

Serene Air A330

Lucrative Business Model of Serene Air

What can make Serene Air the best choice for short and medium-haul flights is its lucrative and executive business model. Serene Air possesses the majority of the narrow-bodied B737, with a single type of layout. This sort of configuration is ideal for operating short and medium-haul flights by inserting the model of low-cost carriers. Therefore, Serene Air could introduce several domestic potential routes that other competitors do not entertain. Owe to this expansion of flights, the airline could add more aircraft of the same type to its fleet.

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The provision of Updated Services Earns Customers’ Trust

Ample customer satisfaction could also make Serene Air one of the most reliable short to medium-range flights carrier in Pakistan. The airline is currently enjoying market share through major destinations, including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Peshawar. These routes provide equal serenity of travel to both leisure and business travelers by fulfilling their demands. However, it could propagate even faster by installing upgraded features to serve the customers on board. This can be done by converting the airline to a true model of low-cost carriers. In this way, it would extend its approach to Southern Punjab to cater to the expanding demands of air travel for that region.  Therefore, it is believed that this airline could become the richest medium-haul carrier in Pakistan by using its potential in an aligned manner.

Featured Image Credits: toftos

Written by guest writer, Faisal Bashir