Airbus took a formal start in the global aviation industry through its commercial aircraft. The A300 program kicked off in the late 60s and became a huge success. The aircraft was an aircraft developed, manufactured, and marketed by Airbus. The aircraft was a dual-engine model with a seating capacity of 320 seats. Five countries participated in the entire A300 program. Each country contributed its technical expertise in different aircraft structural domains. Rolls Royce developed and manufactured engines for the Airbus A300.

A FedEx A300-600

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The Airbus Commercial Aircraft ‘Family’

The term became quite a name among the aviators. The Airbus Company wanted to declare its different variants under one umbrella; The Airbus Family. It took the company almost ten years to bring another aircraft into the market; The A310. This aircraft became the most profitable commercial aircraft of the late 70s with a 200 passengers seating capacity.

Airbus Commercial Aircraft Line up
The Airbus Family

Airbus Commercial Aircraft Division

Airbus has three divisions for its diversified line of products. The commercial aircraft division is one of them. With the state of the art technology and advanced scientific procedures, the company has successfully managed to support its global customer base with a wide range of flexible service options. The company is customer-focused and fully understands the importance of providing customers with the best possible solutions. It is because of this reason. Airbus constantly strives to innovate and implement increasingly efficient methods.

The Present Line Up

The present lineup of the Airbus family has different variants. These variants include the following families:-

  • A220 Family
  • A320 Family
  • A330 Family
  • A350 Family
  • A380

Each family has its own variants in terms of seating capacity, power plant, and structural design. It will be a lengthy affair to discuss each of them at the moment, so each of them will be covered independently in our subsequent publications.

The present line up of Airbus Commercial Aircraft Variants

Customer Satisfaction: The Focus of Commercial Aircraft Services

Passenger comfort is a major design consideration for Airbus. The company has always focused its efforts on giving priority to the passengers traveling in its commercial aircraft. This is why the company’s product line of modern jetliners has built a reputation for delivering the most enjoyable experiences. A passenger cabin is a place that brings comfort and relaxation along with a smile of satisfaction on the face of a passenger. Airbus cabins are designed to meet diverse passenger expectations, delivering comfort and efficiency. Airbus wants to ensure that airlines have a versatile space to meet changing market needs.

Interior cabin of an Airbus A350

The Ultimate Priority

Airbus’s ultimate priority is to ensure that it provides the highest comfort level to its passengers through a wide range of technological advancements, including environmental control systems, ambient lighting, in-flight entertainment, and more.

Airbus – A Success Story

Airbus has become a success story over the years. The exclusive interior environments, seat comfort, and inflight entertainment systems on its commercial aircraft have attracted millions of passengers worldwide. Customers’ preferences in all these years have brought this particular division of the company to the pinnacle among its competitors in the aviation industry.

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