Boeing plays a leading role in manufacturing a number of aerospace products and provides extraordinary services in glooming the aviation industry all around the globe. The world knows this company as a pioneer which maintains its legacy through introducing the latest and modish products. However, Boeing possesses a wide range of such features that are unknown to its consumers. This article will put an emphasis on those unknown factors which make Boeing the only choice to opt for

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The Age of Boeing

Started from almost a century ago, Boeing is the most primitive of the aircraft manufacturers in the world. The founder of Boeing Company William E. Boeing took inspiration from the Wright flyers. Hence, he continued their mission further and made it reach this height by becoming the world’s first aerospace company. Beginning from Seattle, now Boeing has its offices in almost half of the countries of the entire world. In this way, Boeing sustains the largest employment ratio by providing ample job opportunities to the citizens of the United States and foreigners.

boeing 787
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From Everett to Dreamliner

The Everett factory of Boeing is the world’s largest building as per the Guinness Book of Records. It occupies a volume of almost 13.3 million cubic meters. This tiny city of Boeing has its own electrical substations, water purifying plants, exclusive medical clinics, security forces, and fire departments. While the latest developed commercial jet B787 which is known as Dreamliner is composed of almost 2.3 million parts that are imported from several states. This aircraft is the epitome of fuel efficiency as it is made up of composite materials on an eco-friendly model. Moreover, its weight is equivalent to the weight of 29 elephants i.e. almost 117,617 kg.  Contrarily, the narrow-bodied 737 that has accommodated almost 16.8 billion passengers over its lifespan is made up of only 400 thousand parts.

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Biggest Exporter of America

Boeing has proved to fit the survival by continuing its legacy of bringing itself up to the mark of innovation. Almost two generations ago, there was extreme competition in the U.S for building commercial and military jets. However, now Boeing is the only aircraft manufacturing company that has adapted itself to the ever-changing needs and desires of the utilizers. Similarly, Boeing gives the country the majority of the export material by building commercial and defense-related aviation products. It is estimated that almost Boeing builds almost 80% of the jetliners in its state and sells them all across the borders. In addition to it, Boeing is the U.S’s most vibrant industry that uses the latest technology in both its military and commercial aircraft. The consistent reliance on technology has helped the company to survive among the other competitors with a matchless repute.

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