AirSial has recently joined the aviation market of Pakistan as a private scheduled air carrier. It operates its domestic operations with the help of three Airbus A-320. Based in Karachi, it serves three local destinations, i.e., Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. AirSial has entered the aviation sector with a dream to be the “Pride of Pakistan.” To attain this dream, the airline strives to provide an unparalleled flying experience to its customers. Besides assisting the citizens of Pakistan for air travel by introducing affordable choices, AirSial also intends to cultivate Pakistan’s aviation activities at an exponential rate.

AirSial a Potential Leader

AirSial is owned by the business community of Sialkot, who really know the worth of possessing an air carrier to transport goods and passengers. Since Sialkot is one of the country’s hubs for producing exportable goods, commencing an airline by the chamber of commerce seems to be a wise choice. The base of AirSial is Sialkot Airport Limited, the only private airport in the country.

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However, its operational hub is Jinnah International Airport, from where it operates to Lahore and Islamabad through 8 flights per day. The airline expects to increase the frequency of these flights as per demand while expanding operations to Quetta and Peshawar are also under consideration. Furthermore, AirSial will immediately go international upon fulfilling the respective requirements.

AirSial Pakistan Airline

The airline stepped into the industry during the time of prevailed pandemic and showed its strength to initiate operations in such cold circumstances. With the start of the domestic operations, AirSial gave a tough time to the other competitors. It has taken a major part of the load carried by the other three rivals. Though the entrance of this new bird posed a risk factor to the existing flock, yet it provided relief to the travelers as competition gives a variety of choices to opt for.

Additionally, the entrance of AirSial brought the airfares down to make air travel comparatively affordable. The inclination of travelers towards this newcomer is encouraging it to deliver its vision of bringing betterment in aviation services. Therefore, it is expected that AirSial will soon win its dominance over the state-owned and private airlines on the behalf of its strenuous potential.