Under the leadership of President Tim Myers, Boeing operates one of its successful subsidiaries, known as Boeing Capital Corporation. Boeing Capital Corporation aims to provide the most feasible financing solutions to its customers. The primary focus of this division revolves around facilitating other business domains of Boeing.

It fulfills this mission by ensuring that its customers have ample financial capability to acquire its products from Boeing. In this regard, BCC delivers services based on asset-backed lending and leasing systems. These systems primarily focus on developing and maintaining all those critical assets that run Boeing’s core business.

Boeing Capital Corporation
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Services of Boeing Capital Corporation

Boeing Capital Corporation works through two basic disciplines Customer Finance and Asset Management. The former unit arranges and aligns asset-based financing for commercial aircraft customers. It operates by providing them with a wide range of effective and efficient financing solutions for the products and services of commercial aircraft of Boeing. The set of these expert products and services includes:-

  • Operating leases
  • Financing leases
  • Sales/leaseback
  • Backstop commitments
  • Financing related to freighter conversions
  • Short and long-term financing, and
  • Senior and subordinated secured loans

This unit of BCC works in closet dimensions with the customers of the leading division i.e. Boeing commercial airplanes to designing financial solutions for aircraft. For attaining more customers in different regions, this branch actively stays in coordination with the U.S Export-Import Bank.

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In addition to it, this group works closely with other export credit agencies to maximize reasonably priced financing. In this way, it manages an inclusive investor outreach program to amplify the capital markets. This customer outreach program helps the financing community understand Boeing’s product strategy, which differentiates it from its competitors.

Asset Management

The Asset Management team of BCC carries out the management of portfolio aircraft for Boeing Capital and Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The key area of focus of this branch is aircraft technical support and revamped marketing of activities like:-

  • Aircraft transitions
  • Aircraft modifications
  • Aircraft configurations
  • Monitoring of technical status
  • Compliance of aircraft with commercial agreements and other required regulations

With the help of a dynamic and devoted workforce, Boeing Capital Corporation succeeds in an un-parallel way even during the pandemic. It is continuously helping the airliners for the smooth functioning of their operations by providing them with workable financial solutions.