Serene Air A330 nearly escaped disaster after one of its engines failed mid-air on 1st October 2020. Serene Air flight ER 504 flew from Karachi to Islamabad, during which the plane suffered a technical malfunction. Sources said that there was a sudden shortage of oxygen in the cabin during the flight, which caused difficulty in breathing for passengers. The passengers informed the cabin crew about the lack of oxygen. Later, they were informed that the aircraft would land back in Karachi due to a technical fault in the engine, which caused panic amongst the passengers.

The engine number one of the aircraft was shut down during the flight due to which the plane was taken back 20 minutes after takeoff. There were more than 200 passengers on board. All passengers on board are safe. They were taken off the plane and escorted to the lounge.

This aircraft was the Airbus 330, recently added to the fleet of the airline. Serene Air officials say passengers on the affected flight who do not wish to continue their journey can get their tickets refunded and passengers who wish to continue their journey must wait at the airport.

This incident is another blow to the private airline’s reputation. A month ago one of Serene Air’s Karachi-bound flight made an emergency landing in Islamabad after developing a fault at 25,000 feet above ground within Faisalabad airspace. The flight E503 had taken off from the federal capital and was returned due to a technical glitch.

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