On April 20th,2021, Delta Airlines was conducting flight DL-9950 from Kansas City to Atlanta, GA (USA). With the aircraft Boeing 737-900, registration no was N830DN. The pilots mentioned to level off and halted the climb at ten-thousand feet, prompting the ATC they had an airspeed indicator issue. Along these lines, following up expressions “the Captain’s instruments are all bad,” not working by any means. This happened when the aircraft was moving out of Kansas City’s runway 01L.

ATC questioned the pilots about their elevation because he was unable to see their height on his display. The pilots responded that they had exchanged the transponder to the other pitot system. They communicated the accurate height through the transponder. At that time, the instruments of the first pilot were fine, so he was the pilot in command.

The aircraft was on hold while the ATC was endeavoring to investigate the issue. Afterward, the pilots preferred to get back to Kanas City to arrive safely on runway 01L around thirty minutes after takeoff.

The crew clarified to the ATC that the airplane was not in use for around thirteen months because of Covid Pandemic. Since then, they were on the first trip of the aircraft.

The aircraft stayed on the ground in Kansas City for an additional eighteen hours. At that point, he left once more, figured out how to position Atlanta, and entered administration.

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Delta Airlines 737-900 (ER) N835DN | Delta Airlines 737-932 (E… | Flickr
Photo Credit: Donal Morrissey

About Delta

Delta is one of the major airlines of the United States and an inherited transporter. Its headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta is an established individual from the SkyTeam airline alliance. The airline serves more than fifty-four hundred flights in one day.

About Boeing 737-900

The 737-900 was launched in 1997 by Boeing. It holds the MTOW, fuel limit, exchanging range for payload. Restricting its seat ability to roughly 177 in a two-class and 189 in a high-density, first-class format. The dispatch client Alaska Airlines got the delivery on May 15, 2001.

Source: The Aviation Herald Featured Image: Andrew E. Cohen

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