B777-300ER is the most famous and successful variant of B777 with the highest deliveries and orders. B777 has become the most shipped and ordered aircraft in aviation history in 2019. Also, Emirates is the world’s largest operator of B777-300ER.

Hence, B77-300ER is offering more seats than A350-1000 means it will give more revenue to the airlines. It would be a good choice for airlines that operate long-haul and ultra-long-haul routes. Moreover, the B777-300ER gives excellent mileage, effectiveness, dependability, and undeniable cabin comfort for its travelers, along with an unmatched level of payload and range.

In 2011, Airbus upgraded the A350-1000 with higher loads and a remarkable engine variation for more scope for trans-pacific services, which will help its attract Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, which focused on twenty 777-9 and Unites airlines, which could go to 777-300ERs to supplant its 747-400s. However, Emirates was dissatisfied by the changes and dropped its request for fifty A350-900s and twenty A350-1000s. Instead, Emirates ordered fifty B777-300ER, one of the highest orders by the value of USD 18 billion in Boeing’s history.

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B777-300ER over A380

By offering 400 seats, the “twinjet” brings up issues over demand of four-engined jets like, the A380 whose sales are dull. However, The B777-300ER has an operating expense of US$44 for each seat hour, contrasted with an Airbus A380’s US$50 for each seat hour. So, it is clear that wise airlines will choose B777-300ER over A380. B777-300ER offers more cargo holding capability with 201 cubic meters to A380’s 184 cubic meters. With its super cargo-carrying ability, Boeing introduces B777-300ER’s freighter version too.

B777-300ER and A340-600

However, B777-300ER offers more range of 7,370 nmi (13649 km) with 365 seats in 3 class configuration to the A340-600 range of 14,450 km / 7,800 nmi with 320-370 seats with the same configuration.

In 2011, after realizing its impossible to compete with B777, Airbus decided to cease its A340 production. Also, in 2018, there were only sixty A340-600s in service, while the number of B777-300ERs was 784.

Hence, B777-300ER is an all-in-one opportunity for all airlines and is currently incomparable because of its unique capabilities. B777-300ER’s primary users are Emirates, United Airlines, Air France, and Cathay Pacific. As of May 2021, Boeing got 838 orders of B777-300ER.

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