The Indian Airline Vistara offers free flight services for doctors and nurses due to the havoc caused by Covid-19. The accredited front-line workers of the state will be able to fly free of charge across all domestic networks. Vistara is joining hands in a national effort to cope up with the sudden urge of the pandemic.

Service for Health Care Workers:

Tata Group-owned airline, Vistara wrote a letter to Usha Pahdee the Joint Secretary at the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation. The letter suggested that the Indian airline will provide the health care workers free air travel. Vistara is also willing to aid the doctors and nurses with fly-back service after the completion of their work.

The company announced, “We will evaluate these to extend as much support as possible, based on the availability of cargo space.”

In this way, the carrier is offering support to the government by helping the paramedics in the hour of need. The air transport will assist in efficient and timely supply of equipment.

Vistara crew in gear
Image Credits: Vistara

Criteria of Free Services by Vistara

Vistara made it clear that they will accommodate the medical staff on first-come-first-serve basis due to limited availability of seats. Not only the staff, but Vistara will be also supply the medical supplies, kits, oxygen aids and vaccines. The ground handling services will be supervised by the requesting state.

Moreover, due to rapid surge in Covid-19 cases at an exponential rate instructions must be followed. Vistara wrote that the personnel travelling should follow all the SOPs strictly. The airline will not accept logistics for security reasons.

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Tata-Singapore owned airline running as Vistara is and Indian carrier. It commenced its operations in 2015. Vistara had made it to 6th largest domestic airline in India with a present fleet of 45 aircrafts. In the amidst situation of Covid-19, Vistara has stepped forward to help the government in time of crisis by providing cost-free flying.

Covid-19 havoc in India:

Currently, India is going through the 3rd wave of the Corona Virus. The masses are in an extreme plight. On April 26 India has recorded a large number of cases crossing the total of 17 million infected locals. Many countries have come forward to help the Indian government in coping up with the vicious spike of virus. In times like these, Vistara has shown a generous concern towards the state and its people.


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