United Airlines announced recently that it will furlough 2,850 pilots by the end of the year 2020. It is said to be the biggest pilot furlough in the history of the airline.

The Chicago based airline is still looking forward to the additional funding by the federal government. But they still have to plan ahead in case they don’t get the funding to cover the labor costs. Airlines in the U.S. have asked the government for another $25 billion to cover the payroll of its employees. Delta and American Airlines have also announced massive job cuts last week.

Earlier this year, the airlines in the U.S. also received financial aid in billions to avoid the layoffs before 1st October 2020.

The Air Line Pilots Association, (ALPA) which is the largest airline pilot union in the world representing more than 60,000 Pilots in the United States tweeted:

Statement by the Airline:

Due to the shrinking aviation industry and the decline in travel demand, airlines are planning to reduce its manpower. Many airlines are sending employees on voluntary leave or early retirement to mitigate the effect of job cuts, but that is not a solution to every airline.

“While other airlines have chosen to reduce manpower through voluntary means, it is tragic that United has limited those options for our pilots and instead has chosen to furlough more pilots than ever before in our history,” the union representing United’s 13,000 pilots said in a statement.

The airline said in another statement:

“In the event the Payroll Support Program is not extended, we will regrettably need to involuntarily furlough up to 2,850 pilots in 2020,” the company says.

The global pandemic greatly affected the flight schedules of the airline due to which they had to take the decision.

A massive number of Jobs at Risk:

United Airlines announced that 36,000 jobs are at risk. The airline hasn’t announced the final number of job cuts from other workgroups at the Airline.

United announced these job cuts through a memo to the employees and further shared with the media. This would run between October 1st and November 30th. The number of job cuts at United is higher than Delta and American Airlines announced earlier this week.

The numbers are based on the travel demand which has declined over the last couple of months. United Airlines is the most affected in the International air travel market in comparison to its competitors which will take time to revive.

This announcement from United Airlines came on the final day of the Republican National Convention which concluded on 27th August.

There are currently more than 5 million cases of coronavirus in the U.S. This has also caused a recession in the United States resulting in millions of job cuts in the different sectors including the Aviation Industry.

Source: Flight Global

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