The UK Government recently released a full list of countries from where the travelers can arrive in the United Kingdom without self-isolating for 14 days. This rule was lifted as the COVID-19 situation in few European countries is getting better.

The UK government released a full list of these countries and airlines are now celebrating. A full list of countries from where the travelers can travel to the country can be found here

Previously, the airlines in England had agreed to challenge the 14 days of self-isolation for travelers arriving in the country. The airlines including British Airways, Easyjet, & Ryanair argued as to what is the logic behind the rule, as it would be a disaster for the recovery of the Aviation Industry.

A spokesperson confirmed earlier this week, that once the government releases the official list of countries, only then the passengers from those countries will no longer be restricted to undergo a quarantine period, and the lawsuit would automatically become irrelevant in this regard.

The airlines mentioned that the quarantine rule introduced by the UK Government on everyone entering the country was not having any logic and would result negatively and Damage the economy and the travel industry. But as the government recently released a list of these countries from where the travel is possible, Airlines are now in a position to restart their Operations and get back in action.

Countries included in the list:

The airlines were strictly against the policy which restricted the tourist activity throughout Europe. The main argument was the government stopping the travelers from these destinations during the busy summertime would truly result in huge damage to the tourism sector.

The new list includes popular destinations such as France, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Italy, and Norway.

Airlines planning to reinstate its route network:

Airlines in Europe have already started reinstating their route network as the travel restrictions are easing.

British Airways:

British Airways is also planning to restart its operations to various destinations across Europe and America. The airline will slowly start expanding its network with less frequency until the demand for travel restores to its pre-COVID period. The airline also operated a revenue flight with the latest Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner that was delivered last month. The registration of this aircraft is G-ZBLA.

Image Credits: British Airways

The airline is also returning to the United States. The airline also operated a flight from LON to DFW as BA193 recently. This flight carried cargo. Also, as per the Airline, it will soon resume operations to more destinations across its route network in July. However, with less flight frequency because of lesser demand.


Ryanair, also announced that they will resume flights from this week. The airline hopes to reinstate its network by up to 90% over the summer period. However, there is a possibility that the frequencies won’t be as high as expected.

The reason behind this is that it would take significant time due to the ongoing situation & travel restrictions. Therefore, the confidence of passengers to travel will take time to recover due to the ongoing situation due to COVID-19.


Easyjet a famous British low-cost carrier and the closest competitor to Ryanair is also planning to expand its route network in July.

Image Credits: Easyjet



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