Taiwan has introduced new measures against the increase in Covid-19 cases. A 14 days quarantine has been imposed on the pilots of China Airlines. The carrier’s pilots residing in Taiwan will go through a self-isolation period for 14 days. Furthermore, pilots will be released after receiving a negative test result for Covid-19.

Pilots to quarantine for 14 days

The Health Minister of Taiwan, Chen Shih-Chung, has suggested a 14 days quarantine period for the pilots of China Airlines. Since April, 29 Taiwan reported 35 confirmed cases. A sudden increase in the number of cases is linked with an Airport Hotel. It is the same hotel where crew members of China Airlines had stayed. Taiwan will put the pilots in isolation for two weeks. They will be allowed out of the quarantine after testing negative for Covid-19.

Taiwan to quarantine China Airlines pilots
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The pilots who are currently overseas will be quarantined upon their arrival to Taiwan. Although it is an attempt to minimize the virus spread, it will impact the operations of China Airlines. To run flight operations smoothly, the Health Minister plans to meet the airline authorities and conclude a solution. Moreover, airline crew members are being vaccinated to limit the risk of an outbreak in infected cases.

Covid-19 Surge in Taiwan

Generally, Taiwan was successfully controlling the Covid-19 spread by early prevention. Earlier in January’20, Taiwan reported its first case and since then recorded 12 deaths only. The death toll is extremely was as compared to other nations globally. However, last month Taiwan faced a sudden surge in the number of infected cases, with 35 confirmed new cases.

The outbreak is linked with pilots, and it is believed that they got infected while traveling overseas but tested positive upon their arrival in Taiwan. This served as the basis for the sudden spread of the virus. Therefore, Health Ministry decided to stricken the rules for pilots of China Airlines. Since the state had a low number of cases previously, it is now conscious of implementing SOP’s an imposing isolation for pilots.

Impact of quarantine on China Airlines

China Airlines is serving as the largest freighter in Taiwan. The decision to implement two weeks quarantine for the pilots will hinder the flight operations. There will be significant delays in the transportation of goods. In addition to it, the number of scheduled flights to and from Taiwan will be lessened. Taiwan’s economy will be disturbed since the export of trade goods will be impacted.

Taiwan to quarantine China Airlines pilots

Taiwan aims to split the pilots into two groups to refrain them from being quarantined on the same days. In this way, the pilots will be available to carry out the flight operations. China Airlines is greatly affected by the decision, but the airline has not responded against it. China Airlines supports the government to control the situation and cooperate by vaccinating its staff, including pilots and crew members.

Travel Restrictions

Taiwan has allowed tourists entry partially. The individuals arriving in Taiwan are required to present a negative PCR test result. The report should not be older than 3 days, or the person is tested at the airport. On arrival, the person will need to undergo self-isolation for 14 days. Also, they must log into the Quarantine System for Entry to complete the online health declaration. Moreover, they should make an affidavit stating they have met related regulations. The quarantine measures will be relaxed once the situation gets under control.

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