Southwest airlines are expected to operate from Palms Spring to Las Vega on Sunday. However, the airline is offering continuous flights on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays for the time being. In June, quotidian operations will start from Palm Springs International Airport to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

Southwest Airlines to start Palms Spring-Las Vegas Route

Palm Springs City Manager, Justin Clifton, believes that this new airway will be profitable and cost-effective for the whole region. For the last ten years, they have received many requests for direct flight services from Palm Spring to Las Vegas. This new assistance with the Coachella Valley, their genial community, and travel industry accomplices will witness an extraordinary financial advantage.

In November, Southwest began operating flights to Oakland, Denver, and Phoenix. At that time, Southwest, likewise a few other airlines. Also proclaimed about their new airway services to Palm City International Airport.

“With our nearly 200 flights to 60 cities nonstop from Las Vegas, this quick hop puts more people from across the country within quick reach of all the Coachella Valley has to offer and helps locals save time in starting vacations, visits with family and friends, or doing business,”

Kelly Knox, Southwest Airlines’ community outreach leader for California said

Southwest Airline Fleet

Historically, Southwest has only Boeing 737 aircraft in its fleet. Globally, it is the largest utilizer of Boeing 737 jets. Besides, from 1979-80 and 1983-85 Southwest rented and utilized Boeing 727-200s.

As per reports, Southwest contemplated Airbus A220 as a substitute for MAX-7 in Oct 2020. Nevertheless, the airline confirmed having no settlement with Airbus and proclaimed a hundred MAX-7 jets in March 2021.

Southwest Destinations

Currently, Southwest is providing services to 115 destinations in 40 states of Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. During travel season, the airline conduct forty-thousand landings in a day. While in 2018, the airline had severed too many domestic travelers than any other airline in the United States.

Source: Patch

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