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  1. Will the B737 Get Serene Plus?
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Serene Air, Pakistan’s private airline has officially announced its new business class product, labelled as “Serene Plus”. Serene Air is currently the only private airline in Pakistan to offer a business class product.

The airline recently inducted an Airbus A330-200 in a two-class configuration. The aircraft is configured with 275 Economy seats and 24 “Serene Plus” seats.The aircraft will initially fly on domestic routes before starting international flights in October. As the product has not been tested yet, there is no confirmation of the exact seat pitch / details, and whether In-Flight Entertainment will be offered or not. However this should become evident soon when the aircraft starts its flights.

Serene Air is currently offering a whopping 80kg of baggage allowance for passengers travelling on “Serene Plus”. That is 50kg more than the standard travel baggage allowance. This will be very useful to travellers relocating from one area to another. Similarly students travelling for education can take good advantage of this offer.

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The Airbus A330 will initially perform its first commercial flight from Karachi to Islamabad on 11th September (ER504 – ER505). The airline is offering a Serene Plus ticket for around PKR 20,000 one-way, which is a good offer. However it is currently unknown whether it will be regularly flying this route, or whether its a one-off flight.

Will the B737 Get Serene Plus?

Out of the total 5 aircraft in Serene’s fleet, only the A330 is configured with “Serene Plus”. It is unlikely that Serene will be reconfiguring the rest of its aircraft with the Serene Plus class. Hence it will be interesting to see how Serene Air manages the premium class tickets on its international flights. In addition, if the aircraft goes out of service due to some reason, will passengers get the extra ticket amount refunded or not?

All in all, a premium product was much needed in Pakistan. Many travelers like to travel in luxury between the cities of Pakistan, and Serene will be providing this opportunity to its passengers for a reasonable price. Serene Air has planned to induct two more A330s soon. Hopefully, these will also feature the premium class onboard.

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