A charter company “Nolinor Aviation” recently announced that they are launching a Canadian based airline named OWG Airline. The charter company is entering the new market by starting International Operations with the new airline. The charter company told on Monday, 6th July.

Nolinor Aviation:

Nolinor Aviation started its operations 27 years ago in 1992. The company previously operate charter flights to the North and is based in Quebec, Canada. The company consist of 18 aircraft in its fleet and operates on-demand air transportation as charter and cargo flights within Canada and to the U.S.

Nolinor Aviation was working behind the scenes on a newer airline for the people of Quebec since 2018.

A new airline in the Canadian Skies:

The newest Canadian airline will be operating a fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft which can carry up to 158 passengers. The airline will soon share the exact date of their flight operations. The list of destinations will also be revealed by the airline in the coming weeks. One thing the airline mentioned, that they will start flights to the Caribbean.

This is great news for the people of Quebec, Canada as they will be able to travel to Southern destinations with more feasibility.

The news came after the Minister of Transport gave approval to the airline on 6th July.

OWG Airline’s Fleet:

The company acquired a fleet of Boeing 737-400 classic earlier this year and refurbished them to meet the safety and quality standards and expectations of the travellers. The airline invested a high amount in the modification of its aircraft to provide a refreshing experience for its travellers. The average age of these aircraft is 20 years.

More in-depth detail about the interior of the aircraft can be found here!

While most of the Aviation companies and airlines are struggling and grounding their fleet around the world. On the other hand, Nolinor Aviation came up with fantastic news about new airline planning to take off soon in Canada.

In response to the COVID-19, The company is well prepared as it will be applying higher levels of standards in terms of health and safety of its employees and passengers.

Statement of OWG President:

The OWG President Marco Prud’homme explains, “The flight portion of your trip should be an integral part of your vacation. Traditional airlines have chosen to cut the quality of their services year after year with no regard for the passenger experience. Our goal is to win the hearts of Quebecers with a new airline whose mission is to get travellers excited again.”

The branding of the OWG airline logo features a heart representing the love for travel as it says that, “it puts travellers at its heart”. They analyzed the best airlines in the world to reinvent a brand to serve its customers in a better way.

You can visit the website of the airline here!

Featured Image Credits: OWG Airlines


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