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Passenger Tourist Pilot Flight Attendant Souvenir Ornament Mountaineering Keychain


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Product information:

Color: CAPTAIN,CABIN CREW (blue),CABIN CREW (black),CABIN CREW (red),CABIN CREW (yellow),WARNING (black),WARNING (red),PILOT,PULL TO object (black),PULL TO object (yellow), Hanger (yellow), Hanger (black),RESCUE (black),RESCUE (red),CREW (red),CREW (black), Boeing (Type A), Boeing (type B), Boeing (type C), Boeing (Type D), Boeing (Type E), airbus (Type A), Airbus (type B), Airbus (type C), Airbus (Type D),caution,REMOVE type A, REMOVE type B, REMOVE C, REMOVE D, REMOVE E, REMOVE F, REMOVE G, China, Malaysia (red), Malaysia (white), United States (red), united States (white), Japan (red), Japan (white), Japan (blue), Thailand (red), Thailand (blue), Thailand (black),CAPTAIN (three sides),FLIGHT CREW (red),FLIGHT CREW (blue),FLIGHT CREW (black),FOLLOW ME (yellow),FOLLOW ME (red),POLIC

Material: Nylon

Style: modern simplicity

Size: Approximately 17cm in length

Packing list:

Keychain * 1

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

Airbus A, Airbus B Style, Airbus C, Airbus D Style, American Red, American White, Boeing A, Boeing B Style, Boeing C, Boeing D Style, Boeing E Style, CABINCREW Black, CABINCREW Blue, CABINCREW Red, CABINCREW Yellow, CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN Three Sides, CHina, CREW Black, CREW Red, Caution, FLIGHTCREW Black, FLIGHTCREW Blue, FLIGHTCREW Red, FOLLOWME Red, FOLLOWME Yellow, Hanger Black, Hanger Yellow, Japanese Blue, Japanese Red, Japanese White, Malaysian Red, Malaysian White, PILOT, POLIC, PULLTOEJECT Black, PULLTOEJECT Yellow, REMOVEA Style, REMOVEB Style, REMOVEC, REMOVED, REMOVEE Style, REMOVEF Style, REMOVEG, RESCUE Black, RESCUE Red, Thai Blue, Thai Red, Thailand Black, WARNING Black, WARNING Red


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