Before explaining Operation Swift Retort, I would like to claim here that I’m representing everyone who is a part of this operation. The Indian leadership tried to gain an electoral victory. But that failed drastically thanks to its own Air Force on the 27th Feb, 2019. Right after the Phulwama Attack (a bomb blast happened in Phulwama, multiple Indian Army personnel died and India put that blame over Pakistan), we were ready to answer any odd reaction that will be unfavorable to our national security. It was clear by the political statements given by the Indian leadership on multiple platforms that they are planning something against Pakistan. We conveyed Indian leadership messages and warnings through multiple sources of diplomacy.  They chose to engage in war and they were answered well by the Pakistan Air Force.

On the 26th of February 2019, IAF didn’t attack at one location in Pakistan. They were coming to attack on four locations. IAF involved twenty airplanes in the operation; they were (12) Mirage-2000 and (8) Su-30MKI. Only four of them managed to drop their weapons in Pakistan territory. India claimed, IAF dropped five bombs in Pakistan, we are unable to find that fifth lost bomb, may be IAF pilots dropped that in Indian territory as there are no traces found. This was not a surprise attack, we engaged them in time and they left the national airspace with damage to some trees and crows.

The Air Headquarters called a meeting to assess the damage of the attack that was totally nil, soon political leadership addressed to answer this act as we are a responsible and honorable nation. It was our duty not to let this huge population of the continent engaged in war. Answer to this act was not an option but compulsion. It was compulsory that PAF must answer on the behalf of Pakistani nation. We did it with full swing.

For the entire day on 26th Feb, IAF was waiting for us. We were prepared with a “surprise” for them. IAF was already under pressure because of Indian media that they went with 20 aircraft and only four of them could managed to drop bombs; definitely an unprofessional Air Force can achieve this. On 27th Feb, 2019 we marked four locations in Indian and Indian occupied territory. India claimed five bombs on designated targets in Pakistan (only four found); we planned six bombs at all designated four locations.

We were ordered not to destabilize normal life in the operation. So we chose those weapon systems that can have a clear picture of the missile launch, guidance and impact. A clear message conveyed to IAF and Indian leadership; it was very easy for PAF to achieve the desired targets in the day light, but as a bold message we are not destabilizing environment.

As a counter measure, IAF responded to this intrusion that was again not in the favor of India that day. India awarded the highest gallantry award to one of his pilot (Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthama, whose plane was also shot down by PAF) who lost a plane in the war. India also claimed, Abhinandan shot down a PAF plane as a proof we are sharing images with you that are of armament (R-73 Archer and R-77 Adder) loaded over Abhinandan’s plane. All the four missiles loaded to his plane are in custody of PAF as proof. They are open to be crossed check for anyone who needs to clear the misunderstanding and falsehood.

Credits: Fighter Jets World

Operation Swift Retort was a clear message from Pakistan to India that we are a peaceful nation but we will not tolerate any adventure against the national security.

This speech is translated in English for the International Combat Aviation Industry. Its just not  a speech but clear indications from PAF; “No one can undo Pakistan!”

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