JetBlue is a hybrid low-cost airline in the US, has taken the delivery of its first Airbus Airspace A321LR aircraft. It also includes the new airspace cabin produced by Airbus. The aircraft is set to be utilized to start the Airline’s transatlantic (overseas) London trip at the end of this year.

JetBlue has chosen to fly Airbus’ new Airspace cabin soon when it starts London flights. A Cabin can be a piece of personality for a carrier. Accordingly, we normally see airlines picking their cabin rather than taking a pre-made design by producers. Therefore, both Airbus and Boeing consistently invent new cabin ideas for their aircraft.

Airbus Airspace A321LR Delivery Site, JetBlue, Transatlantic Flights
Photo Credit : Airbus

First-ever Airspace A321LR for Jet Blue

JetBlue took shipment of its first Airspace cabin fitted Airbus A321LR. The registration number of the aircraft is N4022 with serial number 10303. The airline has fifty-seven A321neo variants, which will also include the airspace cabin. Besides that, JetBlue has thirteen same A321LR on request.

Inaugurating the Transatlantic journey to its new home in the USA, the aircraft landed in Hamburg from Airbus’ Finkenwerder office as flight B66993. Most of the airplanes of JetBlue will not visit Europe. Nonetheless, we ken that the situation will not remain the same and this aircraft will move for Europe soon.

“At JetBlue, we are eagerly looking forward to introducing the Airbus A321 Long Range single-aisle aircraft with Airbus’ Airspace interior for our new transatlantic services. These aircraft will allow us to offer our customers attentive, boutique-style service while also ensuring ample personal space, larger overhead bins, customized lighting, and a design that gives the cabin a wide-body feel.”

Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue, while giving his view on aircraft delivery said

About New Airspace Cabin.

This Aircraft is the first of the thirteen A321LR aircraft that will include JetBlue’s new Airspace cabin. These Neo airplanes will arrive in a two-class setup. While it’s not strange to see two classes on an A320 family airplane, lie-flat seats are rare.

Airbus A321LR, JetBlue, Transatlantic Flights
Photo Credit: Airbus

The lie-flat seats will include the passenger’s top-notch mint cabin and will appear as luxury compartments. However, there will be 114 economy seats present behind this exceptional cabin, and These economy seats are in 3-3 arrangements. The structure of seats will include thirty-one inches of pitch, with 18.4 inches of width. There will be lie-flat seats at the beginning of the airplane sitting arrangement, and the layout includes twelve rows having 1-1 seats. The number of confirmed seats is twenty-four.

JetBlue’s strategy includes providing special hospitality for its customers on its trip across the Atlantic sea. Personalized meals are expected to be served prepared by a seat-back entertainment system. In-flight free wifi service will be available for passengers.

Source: Simple Flying and Featured Image: Airbus

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