Emirates is planning to start routes to more destinations as travel restrictions ease up. But, at the same time, the airline faces restrictions by the Indian government making it difficult to operate repatriation flights into India. The government also restricted other UAE carriers which includes Etihad, Flydubai and Air Arabia.

India restricts UAE Airlines: 

The news came on Thursday saying that India will not be allowing the UAE carriers to operate extra flights to India. This move came after Air India and other private airlines were restricted by UAE from carrying passengers to Dubai. At the moment, India is having more than 600,000 COVID-19 cases and the situation is quite alarming.

The UAE carriers did not receive any formal notice. However, the airlines were verbally informed by the authorities in India after the decision was made on Thursday, 30th June resulting in flight cancellations from UAE the following day.

India restricted the International flight operations back in March after the hike in CODID-19 cases. The flights will remain suspended until the end of July until further notice. India started these special flights for the stranded travellers who want to return home in May. Domestic operations in India also resumed with safety precautions intact.

A spokesperson in India did not comment on the situation. However, According to the Government, the reason behind it is that there was a lack of parity for the Indian airlines to operate flights to UAE. Efforts are currently underway through proper diplomatic channels in order to resolve the issue between the two countries to resume these repatriation flights.

Statistics of travellers:

According to the data, Private airlines of India carried around 32,435 passengers from UAE to India. On the other hand, Airlines of UAE operated 356 flights and carried 67,559 passengers.

Dubai is also welcoming tourists from today, 7th July. The country prepared itself to cope with the virus with all measures and SOPs in place.

Emirates restoring flight operations:

Emirates has restored flight operations to more than 50 destinations with the fleet of their Boeing 777 aircraft, and the airline also released a list of destinations on which the airline will deploy Airbus A380’s. However, the frequency of flight will depend on demand. The airline also announced that it will start more routes in the coming months.

The government lifted the travel ban recently. Therefore people will now be able to travel. However, all the residents of UAE who want to return will have to follow some travel guidelines set by the Government. The guidelines for the tourists have also outlined on the airline website. More details can be found here.

Dubai is also welcoming tourists from 7th July as the country prepared itself to cope with the virus with all precautionary measures and SOPs in place. The airline is also ready to serve its customers.


Featured image credits: Emirates


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