Emirates Airline, that used to operate direct flights to Adelaide until the global epidemic COVID-19 decides to pull the plug. The airline will no longer be serving the South Australian market.

Emirates already suspended flights to various destinations after the COVID-19 situations became worse around the globe. But it will be suspending the flights to Adelaide until further notice due to the ongoing situation. The airline previously connected Adelaide with 122 destinations across the world via Dubai.

Initial suspension of Flights:

The flights initially suspended on 23rd March but Emirates now planned not to resume it for the foreseeable time due to ongoing situation of the virus. The airline operated the last flight UAE440 on 22nd March 2020 with Boeing 777-200LR.

The airline normally operated this route with its Boeing 777-300ER. This route was the second busiest route for Adelaide Airport.

Emirates spokesperson’s statement:

An Emirates spokesperson in Adelaide said, “We hope to restart our operations in Adelaide when it is commercially and operationally feasible to do so in the future”. The airline also laid off the Adelaide based staff of Emirates Airline.

An Adelaide airport spokesperson said that it was very disappointing news.


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