It is evident that it will take years for the Aviation Industry to restore to its former glory. While Emirates announced that they will be resuming flights to more destinations, they also intend to layoff more employees in the coming weeks. This is in response to the current global situation and fall in the air travel demand.

The majority of the airline’s fleet is still stored at the two hubs in Dubai. The airline told that its entire fleet of Airbus A380’s won’t be up before 2022. Therefore, downsizing workforce is justified.

The airline was flying their Boeing 777’s for the repatriation flights and cargo since the travel restrictions. Alongside, the whole fleet of the SuperJumbo was grounded but is soon coming back as the airline announced recently that they will be resuming flights to various destinations on which they will deploy the A380’s.

Alongside the news of resuming flights to limited destinations, the news of further employee layoffs was very unexpected.

Emirates starts to layoff more employees:

Airlines around the world have announced to layoff employees in response to the COVID-19. Similarly, the news that came from Emirates was no good either. The airline last month announced that it will layoff more employees including Pilots, Cabin Crews, and staff from the various managerial positions.

The last round of layoff in June included Indian Pilots from their Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 fleet and thousands of cabin crews. The airline mentioned that it was the last resort for them, as resizing the workforce because of the reduced operations was the only option.

The airline reportedly sacked around 600 pilots in June. Similarly, the airline also plans to layoff more pilots in the coming months.

The airline also announced a pay cut of up to 50% for the pilots based on their rank with the airline earlier this year. This was due to the reduced operations of the airlines due to travel restrictions. Similarly, Cabin crews also had a relatively large amount of deduction in the pay.

The airline in April also announced that it will extend the pay cut until September if the situation doesn’t get better.

Initial employee layoffs

Initially, the Airline called its employees to the Emirates Aviation Training College based in Dubai by sending out mass emails for a “business update” meeting. During this meeting, the airline announced the names of those that were being redundant from their duties with the airline which was the end of their contract.

Now, the airline is opting for another option. Rather than calling employees to the training college for a meeting, they’re sending emails. Emails about what?

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Your email is your termination letter

In the first week of July, the airline continued its process of downsizing the workforce. Last month, the airline announced to layoff a large number of pilots and cabin crews. Yet again, the airline will layoff around 700 pilots and even a larger amount from the cabin crews and ground staff.

Now, the airline stopped calling its employees to the meeting and instead started sending out mass emails to its employees. These emails will be the end of employment with the airline.

The employees are dreadfully waiting for the email by checking their inboxes every second since the airline announced more layoffs.

Statement by the airline regarding employee layoffs:

“After reviewing all scenarios and options, we deeply regret that we have to let some of our people go. This was a very difficult decision and not one that we took lightly. The company is doing everything possible to protect the workforce wherever we can,” a spokesperson from the airline said.

“Where we are forced to take tough decisions we will treat people with fairness and respect. We will work with impacted employees to provide them with all possible support.”

Bottom Line: 

The airline has blamed COVID-19 for taking the step as it is currently having a very limited network. The reason is, despite the resumption of flights to some destinations, not all the fleet will be up in the air. Therefore, extra employees need to go until things get better and the aviation industry recovers.

Source: Emirates confirms more layoffs 

Featured Image Credits: Emirates

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