Breeze Airways is a new airline in the United States. According to some sources, The airline has requested twenty more Airbus A220-300 in their deal. Altogether, the request is for eighty aircraft. Hence, the airline will become the second-largest user of A220, If they become successful in making this deal.

airbus a220 of breeze airways
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Is it possible for Breeze to become the second-largest user of A220?

David Neeleman is the founder of Breeze airways. Neeleman has informed the media about his deal of additionally requested 20 A220 aircraft with Airbus. Airbus has mentioned order of 20 A220-300, placed in march. But Airbus hasn’t revealed the name of the buyer.

The order was made on the 25th of march. No further statement regarding this is reported till now. Furthermore, Breeze would become an investment of 1.8 $ billion if Breeze becomes successful in cracking the deal.

Yet, Airbus and Breeze haven’t confirmed the news. The breeze will become the second-largest user of A220 aircraft after Delta Airlines, with the present order of 95 aircraft of A220. The breeze will leave behind the other airline of Neeleman, JetBlue airways, with its reservation of 70 A220 aircraft. This will happen only if the deal is in Breeze’s favor.

Breeze airways concept

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Breeze Airways will operate non-stop flights.

Initially, Breeze Airways was named Moxy airways. This is the fifth airline of Neeleman, after Morris Air, WestJet, JetBlue, and Azul. Breeze Airways have been planning to be launched since 2018. The purpose of starting Breeze is to cover the services that other airlines cannot provide domestically in the US. The breeze will provide direct flights through routes where it will face fewer difficulties to operate.

Neeleman said while talking at the World Aviation festival last week. He narrated that he has provided the opportunity for people to fly directly to their destinations without wasting time, as 80% of airways of Breeze are continuous so that the flight doesn’t have to stop in between.

Hartford, Columbus, New- Orleans, Panama City, Florida, and Charleston, are being figured prominently as a part of the initial routing plan. Breeze has not confirmed its routes formally yet. But, Simple flying analysis has pointed out some fascinating chances for these places to be a part of the plan.

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When will Breeze Airways take its first flight?

The path for Breeze is clear, as they have got clearance by Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) in March. Breeze has the indefinite approval for 22 airplane strong fleet by the DOT in February,

With the delivery date of A220 approaching closer. The company is constructing its aircraft space in the coming week. The first aircraft reached six weeks ago, and a further Fifteen E190s are to be leased by Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC).

With E190s, there will be a larger E195 also at Breeze. They have got two E190s to date and thirty are to be subleased from Azul. However, everything is going by Neeleman’s launch plan. We would be able to see tickets on sale by the end of this month.

Source: Simple Flying

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