If you’re looking for an elevated travel experience, the business class cabins of Boeing’s 777 vs 787 planes offer a unique blend of comfort and convenience. From spacious seating to top-notch amenities, find out which model is best for your journey as you consider the various features of each aircraft.

Seat Configuration and Standard Features 777 vs 787.

Both the Boeing 777 and 787 offer generous space and comfort in business class. The 787 allows for larger seats with up to 6 inches of additional pitch, whereas the 777 features two-by-two seating with a bit more privacy. Either cabin comes with standard features like power outlets or USBs, adjustable headrests, and tablet holders. For long-haul flights, you can enjoy complimentary access to an onboard entertainment system full of movies, TV shows, and music.

United Airlines Boeing 787 and Boeing 777

Examine Food, Beverage, and Amenity Availability Options.

When choosing between the Boeing 777 and 787, also think about what kind of food and drink service is available. On the 777, you can expect a multi-course meal with complimentary drinks like wine, beer, or spirits. On the 787, an upgraded meal selection is complemented with enhanced tea or coffee options such as cappuccinos or espressos. Amenities may vary depending on aircraft type but usually include pajamas, blankets, and amenity kits in both cabins. Make sure to check availability prior to your journey.

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Consider In-Flight Entertainment Choices 777 vs 787.

In-flight entertainment options can vary depending on the model of the plane and airline, but both the Boeing 777 and 787 offer varying selections from movies to TV shows to games. If a wide selection and top-notch sound quality are important for your flight experience, you may want to select a 787 over the more traditional 777. The 787 has high-definition touchscreens, USB ports, and even AC power outlets for charging your devices. Some airlines also offer to stream in-flight entertainment directly to your personal device via a Wi-Fi connection.

KLM Airlines Boeing 787

Weigh Up Cost Variations Between the Planes.

Airlines may charge different prices for their flights depending on the aircraft. Boeing 777 machines are generally older, so airfares could be cheaper compared to newer planes like the 787. Airfare also changes depending on when and where you fly, so use comparison sites and airlines’ own websites to search for the best fares and decide which plane is more economically viable.

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Assess Both Planes’ Overall Comfort Potential.

Before deciding which aircraft to fly in, consider which one offers both a more comfortable cabin and an overall journey. With larger windows, quieter engines due to being built with composite materials, and advanced air filtration systems, the Boeing 787 is renowned for providing passengers with an enhanced flying experience. On the other hand, those looking for more of the classic business class experience may prefer the Boeing 777 with its bigger cabins and broader seating options.