Karachi-based Airblue, the largest private carrier of Pakistan, introduces its daughter carrier named Airbahn in the US market. The airline is supposed to operate between the Western US and Canada. The literal meaning of BHAN is, ” train” which makes Airbhan “Air-train.” Airblue will provide one of its A320 to its sub-carrier on dry lease. Airbahn aims to configure its cabin with 174 passenger seats while transporting people, cargo, and mails within the US and beyond. Besides this, Airbahn uses the same conventional growth, marketing, and brand awareness strategies as is doing by airblue.

Airblue Got Approval of Airbahn from DOT

The launching of a similar airline in another country by airblue is no more a dream for it. Rather, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has declared the certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for Interstate Air Transportation to Airbahn. This certificate declares Airbahn as a SoCal-based airline startup. Airbahn had filed its first DOT back in October 2018, while it had plans to commence its operations in 2019. This timeline indicates that airblue had this startup in the pipeline before the wake of the global pandemic. The CEO of airblue, Tariq Chaudhary, will nurture this new startup with other shareholders’ help, including Nicholas Brohm, Herbert Blake, and many more.

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Features of Airblue’s Air Bahn

As compared to Avatar and Global Ghana Airlines, Airbahn seems to be a more realistic and highly alleged US airline startup. It aims to operate via scheduled flights to and from the regions of the Western United States. It will operate scheduled flights between Southern California, Northern California, Nevada, and Western Canada. Its base airport will be either Long Beach Airport or Orange County Airport. Since JetBlue has just left the Long Beach Airport, hence it is a great time for Airbahn to make this spot its hub. Additionally, both the planes and the crew will return to their base daily. The airline is looking for almost 75 flight attendants and 36 pilots on its job page from a workforce standpoint.

Airbahn Jobs Airblue Jobs

The Establishment of Airbahn will Groom Airblue

In the first world country, the initiative of a Pakistan-based American, in the form of launching an airline startup, is a great step towards the betterment of the aviation sector. Nowadays, the aviation sector of Pakistan is suffering from a lot more problems than one can assume. In such circumstances, an airline’s launching in another country will prove supportive enough to groom this industry in our homeland. This venture will introduce the needs and desires of travelers at the international level. It will make airblue aware of those marketing strategies that are being used to capture a great audience. Furthermore, it will help its mother operator understand how incorporating unanimous and disciplined standards could lead it towards betterment.

Image Credits: Baqir Kazmi @ Plane Spotters Pakistan