Is it a Reawakening of Airblue?

It’s been three months when Air Sial started its operations. The entry of an airline amid COVID-19 was a bold initiative for a new entrant. Despite travel restrictions, Air Sial made hard efforts to make it worthwhile. The marketing team did a great job in positioning their brand before the launch. The excitement was evident. It appeared that the people were waiting for a fresh entrant into the market. Though Serene has been doing pretty well in the Pakistan Aviation Industry, Air Sial has become a tough competitor for all airlines. It did grab some market share from Airbleue and Serene Air.

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Amid all these happenings, Air blue was a silent player. Serene has already given tough times to Airblue and PIA. Air Sial’s marketing team knew that the airline was entering at a difficult time. The competition was fierce due to Serene and Air blue. Regular posts on digital media made a strong position of the airline among the customers. Air blue realized that Serene Air was already ahead of their airline. The top management of the airline took a wise decision. The airline changed its marketing strategy and started to create its presence on digital platforms.


Airblue Marketing

For the last three months, Air blue is constantly in the audience’s picture through its marketing campaigns. Though the campaign has similarities with Air Sial, I believe it’s a timely strategy to awake again. With stable flight operations and a reasonable fleet number, the airline has made a rational decision to compete in this domain.

Airblue PIA

Marketing is generally an expensive domain to compete with the competitors.  Remuneration packages of the employee and fuel cost are the major concern for an airline. However, a product or service needs to be marketed. I must appreciate the fact that Air Sial had a visionary strategy from the very beginning. A very glaring example is the selection of a fashion designer Nomi Ansari for the cabin crew uniforms.

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Nomi Ansari, the leading fashion designer of Pakistan, designed the cabin crew uniforms for Air Sial.

Point of Awakening

Endorsements are an important element of marketing. Air blue also realized that such endorsements in public would benefit the other companies and improve its positioning among the masses. At this point, I want to clarify here that Air blue is doing really well at the moment. However, sustenance in the market requires constant presence. When three more airlines are about to make entry into the Pakistan aviation industry, the realization is a sensible move irrespective of the fact that it is an ‘AWAKENING’ from a deep slumber.

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With recent COVID restrictions, traveling has also scaled down. The ongoing pandemic has badly impacted the airline business. Airlines in Pakistan had to resume operations after the lifting restrictions. The best way to reconnect with the customers was to offer special fares on all domestic, international routes, coupled with laxation on the baggage weights. Airblue tapped this opportunity and now visible to the customers.

Airblue Ad

Time to Gear up!

Now, it is time for all the airlines in Pakistan to revamp their marketing strategies for better competition. Air Sial took a good start. Serene Air did reasonable marketing at the time of its launch, but it needs to do more. Air blue being the oldest after PIA, need to put in more effort through its marketing campaign. The recent decision of Air blue to join the US market is a wise strategic move. Better campaigns for the domestic and international markets will help the airline give healthy competition to its competitors.

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Air Sial is leading the marketing campaign among all airlines in Pakistan.

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