UAE’s brand new airline will soon commence its flight operations on 14th July, with flights to Egypt from Abu Dhabi. The airline will start direct flights to two popular Egyptian destinations “Alexandria” and “Sohag”.

While most of the airlines around the world are struggling to reinstate their operations. Alongside, a new airline in the UAE is planning to take off after it got approval from the Government to start operations earlier this year.

“Air Arabia Abu Dhabi” is a joint venture between the famous low-cost carrier Air Arabia and state-owned airline Etihad Airways.

The airline will start its operations with two Airbus A320 aircraft from Abu Dhabi International Airport, in the capital city of UAE. It will offer the same value-based product to the customers and similar services previously offered by the Sharjah based carrier Air Arabia.

The airline also plans to expand its fleet the following year and add new routes to its network.

Statements by both Airline Officials:

Tony Douglas, CEO of Etihad Airways Group, said: “In these extraordinary times, it gives us great pride to launch Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, the capital’s first low-cost carrier. This joint venture between Etihad and Air Arabia will offer greater convenience and direct access to the UAE’s thriving capital for new markets worldwide, beginning with two key Egyptian routes, and expanding in time.”

Adel Al Ali, CEO of Air Arabia, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the first flight of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi. While the global aviation sector continues to witness unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic, this step is a testament to the strength of the UAE aviation sector and our commitment to its long-term prospects”.

He further added that the airline will focus on supporting the travel market. This will also help strengthen the trade ties between the two countries.

Flight Schedules:

The airline will operate 3 weekly flights to Alexandria’s Borg Al Arab International Airport (HBE) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Whereas, the flights to Sohag International Airport (HMB) will depart every Wednesday.

The new airline is fully prepared to welcome passengers with all safety guidelines in place ensuring safety for its passengers.

Air Arabia’s subsidiaries

Air Arabia previously had two other subsidiary airlines, Air Arabia Egypt and Air Arabia Maroc. Starting the third subsidiary as a joint venture with Etihad Airways will help expand the network. It will also give flexibility to passengers. The airline operates with a mindset of using lesser number aircraft to maximum destinations. This has proved to be a success for the airline as it reported a net profit of over 1 Billion AED in 2019 which is a witness to the strength of its business model.

The airline operates to more than 170 destinations across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe from its four hubs. Abu Dhabi International Airport will be the fifth hub of the airline.

The new low-cost carrier follows the same business model of Air Arabia whilst serving the growing travel industry market in the middle east. This will be an independent joint venture between the two airlines.

Air Arabia was the first low-cost carrier in the Middle East that started its operations in 2003. Since then it is growing day by day, by adding newer routes to its network with a quality product to the travellers, with greater connectivity.

The airline also started flights from Ras Al Khaimah in 2014 which was the second hub of the Sharjah based airline in 2014. Abu Dhabi will be the third hub in the UAE.


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