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The era of the Supersonic Business Jets

The era of the supersonic business jets is on the horizon. The legacy of supersonic travel for commercial purposes began with Concorde but somehow it lost its existence due to a serious inflight accident on July 25, 2002. Finally, after a break of more than 10 years, the concept of travel on supersonic business jets is back on the scene. The niche player of the aviation industry is pioneering the concept of looking further into the future—towards the flights faster than the speed of sound.

Aerion, the supersonic jet builder founded by Texas billionaire Robert Bass, plans to deliver its first AS2 business jet in 2027, with top speeds of 1.4 times the speed of sound, or about 1,074 mph—roughly double that of traditional commercial aircraft. The company is working in collaboration with the Airbus Group. The aim of the company is to travel between any two points on the planet within three hours. Cruising at Mach 1.4, the AS2 would allow for a New York-London flight in four hours or London-Chicago in five hours, each two hours faster than conventional jet flights.

Read more:- Aerion_AS2

Unlike its rivals, the unique thing about Aerion is the fact that two private jet companies (Flex Jet and Net Jets) have recently placed their orders for the Aerion Business Jets.  Flexjet would be the first fleet operator for the plane; the first publicly available supersonic jet since commercial supersonic travel ended in 2003. Each jet is priced at $120 million. Aerion says that AS2 will carry 8 to 12 passengers in a 30-foot-long cabin at speeds as fast as max Mach 1.5 (990 mph). It has a General Electric Turbo Fan Engine with reduced noise levels and an environmentally friendly fuel-burning mechanism. Aerion has become the game-changer in the race.

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